Daniel Maldonado Regional VP 1

Regional VP 1
Daniel Maldonado Regional VP 1

Region 1: CT, DE,MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, Canada

Hi, my name is Daniel Maldonado. I have bred, banded and exhibited canaries since 1991. Currently I breed Glosters, Parisian Frills, Northern Dutch Frills and Southern Dutch Frills. I began showing Glosters in 1992 and added the Northern Dutch Frill and the Parisian Frill to my show team in 1994. To this day I show and promote canaries as a hobby. I have a passion for type canaries and love the challenging nature of some of the varieties. As a retired military officer and currently a software developer I tend to be a stickler for rules. I guess it has always been part of my nature. I enjoy the fact that we have standards for our birds and I tend to stick pretty close to the standard when it comes to selecting my own show teams. I aim to be fair when judging. I admire and understand the passion, dedication and sacrifices we all make when we stick with this hobby however I take the judging responsibility very seriously and I must put the birds and the hobby first. Sometimes this does not make judges very popular but it is our job. I am a current active enthusiastic member as well as a sanctioned judge of the National Gloster Club and Old Variety Canary Association.


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