NFSS provides many opportunities to accumulate points in our sanctioned shows.

All Awards are sponsored by NFSS are presented at the Nationals the following year. Speciality awards can be sponsored prior to the show date by contacting our Affiliations/Awards Director.

Only NFSS members can acquire show points which are recorded at each show using judge’s report. This is filled out by the Show Secretary. The presiding judge assigned to the show sends to the Judges Panel Director who tracks exhibitor (current year) and the bird’s points (over lifetime).

The table below determines how many points a exhibitor/bird is entitled to. All is determined by the number of birds competing that day. Show reports are printed in the NFSS Journal the following year.

For the Champion Bird award birds should be NFSS closed banded or cross registered to qualify for these points. For more information on cross registering birds (read more)

♦Effective Point Schedule Jan 1 2015♦


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