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We are consolidating our Facebook groups!
Please join us.

Effective: February 21 at 6:50pm

Very Important Group Member Announcement – Please Read

On April 1st, this group will be moving to a new name: National Finch and Softbill Society (NFSS), be sure to request membership to the new group before that date.  You will provided a link at the top of this group.

In an attempt to provide a unified experience for all NFSS members, your Board of Directors have decided to create a new and improved NFSS Facebook Group! We feel that all NFSS members would benefit from one single group where all species of finches and softbills will be represented. We also feel that this will give those that don’t keep certain species to learn about them from those who do. Also, it means that there will be a larger collective pool of information to be shared.

As always, you do not have to be a current NFSS member to join the group, but you will be responsible for requesting membership to the new group, as there are more than a thousand members across all the groups, so adding every member to the new group manually would be too great a task for one person to take on. Please feel free to reply to this announcement and I will be happy to help you.

 Amber Adamson Kincheloe