President’s Message

We have two virtual shows behind us – and another gearing up as I write this message.  We were elated to hear there will be a National Bird Show in 2021 – and many details will be provided over the next few months about that event.  Spring has sprung and I’m seeing many photos of new babies in the nest on the National Finch and Softbill Society Facebook page .  The NFSS is preparing for their semi-annual General Election of officers to the Board of Directors.  Lauren Ogburn, Awards and Affiliations Manager, has researched and found some outstanding and unique awards for our virtual show coming up AND for the Finch and Softbill Division at the 2021 National Bird Show.   Yes, there’s a LOT going on in the “bird world” and these are just a few of them.

As mentioned above – this is a General Election year for the NFSS Board of Directors.  If you are interested in serving on the NFSS board – please contact me directly, or any Board member,  to find out more about the positions and their responsibilities.   Please review your copy of the Journal carefully as each issue will have information relating to the election until the end of the year, when the results are announced.

The National Bird Show Board of Directors is meeting monthly to make plans for our National Show November 11-14, 2021, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We will also be including information about that event in each issue of our Journal and I’ll personally be making updates on the NFSS Facebook page as well.   We hope each of you are planning to attend.

By the time you receive this Journal, the next Virtual Bird Show should be well underway.  Bill Parlee’s vision for these events has provided us with an opportunity to stay connected during a time when all other shows have been cancelled.  Several of our NFSS Panel Judges have stepped up to the plate and agreed to judge specific sections of the shows – and I think each of them will tell you what a challenge these judging assignments really are.  Those of us exhibiting have learned that getting a good “side view” photo of our birds isn’t as easy as we thought it might be!  Through the process we’ve made new acquaintances, had the pleasure of seeing some of the lovely birds others are working with, and were provided the opportunity to win some lovely awards (Thank you to Lauren Ogburn for her diligence in seeking out awards that are just “perfect”!)

In closing, thank you to those of you who chose to participate in the NFSS annual bird census.  This is an important tool which verifies our dedication to this hobby, shines a light on our successes, and provides a snapshot of what’s happening in aviculture across the U.S.

On a final note – 2021 is a General Election year for the NFSS Board.  You’ll begin to see information relevant to that election in upcoming issues of the Journal.  If you’re interested in serving on the NFSS board but need more information about a particular position before raising your hand — get in touch with me, or anyone else on the BOD.

Rebecca Mikel, President