The NFSS Census shines a light on the dedicated work of aviculturists across the country. It is extremely important that each and every one of us participate in this process.  For those wishing to participate anonymously the census form provides that option. It verifies the diligent and knowledgeable care being provided to those species we are working with.  Unhealthy or unhappy birds do not breed and/or raise young in captivity. Our census reports on the young hatched in our care and verifies healthy and happy birds. This is most important as we continue to face a barrage of attacks by the Animal Rights groups working to remove the privilege of keeping, transporting, exhibiting, and sharing these birds we care so much about.  We are still awaiting clarification on several key points.

While it appears at this time, the regulations will not disturb our ability to host and participate on exhibition of our birds, activities which involve the movement of birds from one location to another, or in which monetary funds are involved. It may be more heavily regulated than before.  We will attempt to keep each of you updated as clarification is provided.

The National Bird Show Board of Directors, continues to meet bi-weekly to confirm our new “home base” and the details of the 2023 National Show.  As soon as final arrangements have been confirmed. I will personally make this information available to you. The quickest way to share that information is via Facebook -both that of the NFSS as well as that of the NBS.  If you are a member of that social network, please check it regularly for updates about this important event.
2023 is a General Election year for the NFSS Board of Directors. If you are interested in running for any position on the NFSS Board, any current Officer can provide you details, job descriptions and answer questions about any position you might be interested in. Positions for which we do not currently have a candidate include Executive Secretary, Advertising, and Region 4 Vice-President. ALL positions are open for any candidate with an interest. Please contact me directly to provide a brief Bio (200 words or less) and make sure your name is included on the official ballot.
Watch the NFSS website, the NFSS Facebook page and this Journal for announcements about upcoming shows around the country in the coming year.  We each need to do all we can to support each and every one of those remaining shows either through monetary donations, items for silent auctions and fund raisers, exhibiting our birds and/or being there to assist with the many tasks needing to be done to make these shows successful. 
Rebecca Mikel
President, NFSS