Ah Spring…..getting birds moved out of cages and into outdoor aviaries, the joy of seeing them in free-flight,  enjoying  “real” light, bathing in something other than small containers —- it’s a great time of  year for those of us and our birds who live in parts of the country with “real” winter weather!   I think it’s FINALLY behind us again.

The National Bird Show Board of Directors has announced our new show site for 2023 – Chilhowee Park and Expo, 3301 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knosville, TN, 37914 (   Be sure to watch the National Bird Show website for new and additional information as plans progress ( .  The Board meetings are every two weeks and plans are definitely moving forward for our next event.  Mark your calendars for November 9-11, 2023.

The NFSS Annual Census will be closed by the time you receive this issue of the Journal. Thank you to those who took the time to participate in this important process. Roland Cristo, 3rd Vice-President in charge of the Census, has announced a desire to phase out his participation in this position.  We are actively seeking someone who may be interested in taking on this responsibility.  Please contact any NFSS Board Member for more information about the essential functions of this position.

2023 is a General Election year for the NFSS Board of Directors.  There are a few positions which do not have candidates – moving forward – Executive Secretary, Advertising, 3rd Vice President, and Region 4 Vice-President.  If you are interested in any of these positions, you may contact any NFSS Board member for more information.  We’d love to see some new faces who have a passion for aviculture and a few hours each month to spend assisting us fulfill the mission of the NFSS.

Please watch the NFSS Facebook page, NFSS Website, and the NFSS Journal for upcoming shows around the country in 2023.  Those organizing and planning these shows need our support – whether that is in the form of showing up to help, donations of time, money, raffle items, or in additional entries on the show bench.  Showing our birds is a good “excuse” to get together with those who share a common passion and just “talk birds” for the weekend —– plan on supporting as many of those shows as you can, in any WAY you can.

You will see bios and job descriptions for the upcoming ballot. All members are urged to participate. If you are interested in any existing position or open position we would like to hear from you!

Rebecca Mikel, President, NFSS