President’s Message

Jan-Mar 2021

Winter is definitely upon us in the Midwest —- but as I write this, it’s Mid-January, and already the days are getting a bit longer. I’m looking forward to getting birds out of cages and into the outdoor aviaries – they’re much happier when they’re out there  – and so am I.  Cleaning cages is part and parcel of having birds – so not having to do it all summer is a welcome break from that routine!

We are also gearing up for our next Virtual Show.  We’ve had a great response to this venture in the past and are hoping this show will be the same.  A big thank you to those Judges who have agreed to help out with different sections and to Judge Bill Parlee for agreeing to do the final Top 10 judging and placements. Additional Judges assisting with this show will be as follows:  Vince Moase – Zebra Finches; Clarence Culwell-Society Finches; Laura Watkins-Gouldian Finches; Sally Huntington-Softbills; and Laura Bewley – all others.  While this has provided a great opportunity for many to showcase their birds; our hope is that we’ll see improvements in the situation with Covid-19 and we’ll be able to host and attend shows in person soon.    Unfortunately, the possibility of a National Show in 2021 is still up in the air given the current situation across the country with the virus.

We continue our quest to obtain articles for the NFSS Journal – please contact any Board Member if you have something you’d like help putting onto paper or fine-tuning something you may have already started.  Pictures are not required, but they add an exciting dimension to every article.

The NFSS Board compiled an official “comments” document which we submitted to Laurella Desborough from OPA.  Our comments will be combined with those of other individuals and avian societies, to create one master-document which will be presented to those working on our behalf in Washington to protect our right to keep and work with our feathered friends.  The document submitted by NFSS was essentially a compilation of our successes, accomplishments, goals, ….a “who we are” as a society in terms of education, conservation, cooperative breeding programs, etc.  With this thought in mind – please be watching for the upcoming 2021 NFSS Census.  The Census is a valuable tool in that it shines a light on our work with rarer species, our meticulous breeding records, and our captive-bred and raised youngsters.   The level of knowledge across the membership of NFSS about various species is vast and each of you should be very proud of your contribution.

Paula Hansen has had a busy season getting 2021 band orders out to each of you – if you’ve not yet placed your order, please do so.   Our purchasing patterns for each subsequent year is based on sales trends from the prior years – but we can’t always anticipate exactly what will happen.  As a result, there have been occasions when we’ve ran short on a particular size.  Ordering early is a good way to guarantee you have all the sizes and quantities you need.  Thank you to the many who faithfully place their orders each year.

On a final note – 2021 is a General Election year for the NFSS Board.  You’ll begin to see information relevant to that election in upcoming issues of the Journal.  If you’re interested in serving on the NFSS board but need more information about a particular position before raising your hand — get in touch with me, or anyone else on the BOD.

Rebecca Mikel, President