Selected Journal Articles of Interest

Aviary Profile – Bruce Dixon’s Aviary – by Bruce Dixon
Aviary Profile – Steve Heller’s Aviary – by Steve Heller/Kerri McCoy
Safe Aviary Plants
Toxic Plants
Updated Safe and Aviary Plants – NFSS Webmaster

Breeding the Black-Cheeked Waxbill – by Stephan V. Hopman
Breeding with the Seasons – by James R. Casey
Breeding Orange Cheeks (Breeding African Finches) – by Levin Tilghman
Breeding Softbill Song Birds – by Roland and IIana Cristo

Cage and Aviary Finch Breeding – by Dale Laird
Fourth Factor to Breeding Success – Ian Hinze
Guide to Keeping & Breeding Waxbills in a British Birdroom – Ian Hinze
Nests and Nesting Sites – by Marc Riva
Cock Hen Ratio: Breeding, Diet, Lighting, Selection: Tips From The Best of NFSS Forum
Spotting the Signs – Ian Hinze
How to Influence Fertility and Sex Ratios – Andrea Cabibi Speaker, Reproductive Science Inc.

General Topics
Amethyst Starling – Living Jewel – By Roland and Ilana Cristo
Black Crested Finch, A Decade of Domestic Breeding – by Stephen L. Hoppin
Blue and Purple Waxbills – by Ian Hinze
Bulbul, Breeding the White-eared Bulbul – by Sally Huntington
Cissa, Yellow-breasted Hunting Cissa – by Roland and Ilana Cristo
Cordon Blue, The Blue-capped – by Kerri McCoy
Differentiating the Red Eye-striped Waxbills – Ian Hinze
Goldbreast Waxbill, The – Ian Hinze
Gouldians, Success With – Rae Anderson
Identifying Gouldian Mutations – Jose Urrutia and Daniel Maldonado – NFSS Members
Learning from Mishap, Loosing Birds: Tips From Best of NFSS Forum
Morning Ritual, by Doug Taylor
Owl Finch by Kerri McCoy
Painted Firetail Finch – by Bruce Dixon
Painted Firetail Finch (Emblema picta) – by Kerri McCoy
Parrot Finch, Red-headed – by Bruce Dixon
Parson’s Finch – by Kerri McCoy
Pekin Robins – Information on their Care & Breeding – by Peter Karsten
Plumhead Finches (Aidemosyne modesta) – by Craig Gardner
Purple Grenadiers, Parent Raised – By Stash Buckley & Carol Anne Calvin
Recording Vocalizations of Finches – by Louis F. Baptista
Shaft-tail Finch– by Kerri McCoy
Silver-eared Mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) – by Grant Rischman
Superb Starlings, The Joy of by John Paul Kilmer
Talking Finches – Julie Duimstra
Too many birds for too long? by Michael Marcotrigiano
Why do people raise birds? – by “Sally’s Husband.”
Zebra Finch, The – by Kerri McCoy
Zebra Finch, The Black Faced – by Frank Nielsen

Air Sac Mites – by Louise Bauck, DVM
Air Sac Mites – by David Friddle, DVM
Avian First Aid Prep – by Cecile Aguilera
Clipping Bird Nails
Egg Binding – by Carol Heesen
Quarantine 2.0 by Doug Taylor
Nutritional Needs of Finches and Softbills – Jennifer Watts, Ph.D

Tips on Heating, The Best of the NFSS Forum
Heating in your Cage or Aviary by Cecile Aguilera

Carbohydrates – The Good and Bad Points – by Robert G. Black
Diets for Finches & Softbills Simple or Complicated? – Robert G. Black
Green Day Diet, by Doug Taylor
Insect Food for Finches (Flightless Fruit Flies, Freeze-Dried Ants & Bevo) – Randy Taylor

Safe Aviary Plants

Introduction to Showing Softbills and Finches
Show Cage Plans
Preparing Birds For Show
Books For Beginners to Finch Keeping, Top Ten – by Ian Hinze
Cross Band Registration

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