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US Fish and Wildlife Managed Specie – Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Birds 4 Sale (1/11/2021)

Selling a few groups of birds, all the groups go all together! First group: 12 diamond sparrow firetail ( 5 regular red and orange tail,...

Wanted:  (12-17-2020)

Wanted: (12-17-2020)

Waxbills Wanted Black Belly Fire Finch -Lagonosticta rara Kulikoro Fire Finch – Lagonosticta cirata Location: Ashville NC Phone: 561 – 281- 4483 Email: lilygirl95@me.com

South Florida (11/27/2020)

Aviary Igor Specialize in Florida Fancy Zebra Finch, Star Finch, Self American Society Finch, Owl finch and Canaries. Kurt Faudel   South Florida Text/Call: 954 740...

Classifieds & Aviaries Wanted!

Classifieds & Aviaries Wanted!

Classified ads are posted within 24 hrs upon request. NFSS Members must be in good standing (up-to-date membership). PLEASE send in your Aviaries & Classifieds...

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