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The National Finch and Softbill Society operates in compliance with federal and local regulations concerning protected species. Please refer to the following links for the latest federal and local regulations/restrictions with regard to keeping avian species:
US Fish and Wildlife Managed Specie – Migratory Bird Treaty Act


See a post with beautiful, hard to find birds? We recommend a few pointers so that you are not separated with your money, and end up with nothing.
  • Are these THIER photos lifted from Google or other pages on FaceBook?
  • An “image” search for name of a particular species can pull them up.
  • Ask for photos of different ages and breeding set up.
  • Price too good to be true? You know the answer to that one.
  • Ask for references, from people you know. VERIFY.
  • Scammers will create false accounts and leave positive reviews for themselves from fellow scammers.

Check out the posters profile in FB. Is this  FB person a “new” account, less than 3 months old? If so, beware.
Biggest red flag: Do they want payment via bank transfer? PayPal “broken” for them? Do they only take payment via transfers such as Zelle and Venmo?
There is no buyer protection with bank transfers. You will not get your money back in cases of fraud if you initiated the transaction. Also, don’t use “friends and family” on PayPal if you don’t know and trust them. (legit sellers may ask for additional payment to defer the PayPal fee if using for “goods and services” – not a red flag).

NFSS cannot protect you. We do remove and block verified scammers, but it’s a constant battle.

If you have been a victim of fraud or scam, don’t be embarrassed. It happens. Please report to the admins/webmaster so the offenders can be removed and blocked.


October Virtual Show 2021

October Virtual Show 2021

Visit us on Facebook! William Parlee FB Moderator Rules – NFSS VIRTUAL SHOW  Please read these rules carefully as some have changed. NFSS OCTOBER 2021...

Birds 4 Sale (1/11/2021)

Selling a few groups of birds, all the groups go all together! First group: 12 diamond sparrow firetail ( 5 regular red and orange tail,...

Wanted:  (12-17-2020)

Wanted: (12-17-2020)

Waxbills Wanted Black Belly Fire Finch -Lagonosticta rara Kulikoro Fire Finch – Lagonosticta cirata Location: Ashville NC Phone: 561 – 281- 4483 Email: lilygirl95@me.com

South Florida (11/27/2020)

Aviary Igor Specialize in Florida Fancy Zebra Finch, Star Finch, Self American Society Finch, Owl finch and Canaries. Kurt Faudel   South Florida Text/Call: 954 740...

Classifieds & Aviaries Wanted!

Classifieds & Aviaries Wanted!

Classified ads are posted within 24 hrs upon request. NFSS Members must be in good standing (up-to-date membership). PLEASE send in your Aviaries & Classifieds...

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