President’s Message


Another year almost over, another National Bird Show behind us, a new year on the horizon.
The National Bird Show – our first in two years – was a hit. While entries were down slightly, we had a good showing and numbers of over 1300 birds, 160 of those in the Finch and Softbill Division. Congratulations to Chase Austin for winning the NFSS Division and the Bill Parlee Best Finch Award with his Zebra Finch; and to Van To for winning the Dr Val Clear Best Softbill Award with his White Eye. A special thanks to
our Judge, Laura Bewley; our Steward, Laurie Erwin, our Secretary Lauren Ogburn, and all the many others who helped keep our division running smoothly. The 2022 Event will be in the same location, at the same time (2nd weekend in November), and we hope to see each of you there.

The NFSS completed a General Election for the Officers who will be serving in the 2022-23 Term, beginning January 1, 2022. There were no positions contested, so
the BOD remains essentially the same with only a few changes. Amber Kincheloe will move from the position of Executive Secretary to that of 2nd Vice-President, in
charge of Publications. Laura Ragas – our new face on the board – has been elected to serve as Executive Secretary. You can read all about Laura on the NFSS Website
where her Bio has been posted.

The NFSS Census for 2022 will begin on 1/1/2022 and close on 3/31/2022. You can find on our website at: We urge all persons – whether you’re an NFSS member or not, to participate in this important process. The Census not only helps us understand what species of birds are currently in the U.S., it illuminates the fact that we are “working” with the birds we choose to keep. Those working with Finches know how challenging captive breeding can be — it takes time, patience, diligence, the ability to accept the occasional failure in order to recognize eventual success. The Census reflects the dedication our group has to preservation of many species and our focus on learning about dietary needs, breeding requirements, housing, space accommodations, lighting, temperature and humidity levels, nesting materials – to name a few! There are those who would accuse us of doing nothing more than catching wild birds and placing them into cages for no other reason than because we’re attracted to their appearance. We know different – and the census verifies that.

The next meeting of the NFSS Board of Directors is scheduled to convene on February 1st, 2022. Please contact any BOD member if you have an item you wish for the BOD to discuss. Our editor also is on standby for any articles to submit at:

Rebecca Mikel
President, NFSS