Thanksgiving approaching like a train! Another year nearly over, show season nearly over for another year, and already plans are being made for a new year.

The NFSS Census needs to be our focus over the next weeks—for NFSS members and non-members alike. As I’ve stated previously–the census is a valuable tool in illuminating the actual “work” many do with Finches and Softbills in the United States. It’s more than just a “count” of birds—it verifies the diligent work of dedicated individuals working with some spectacular species. I urge you to participate and to encourage others who keep finches or softbills to do the same. The NFSS is working hand-in-hand with other organizations who are keeping their eye son the impending USDA legislation as it relates to our ability to not only keep and work with finches, but to hold avian exhibition events. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this legislation and contact your Legislators to let them know how YOU feel about it. It could be some of the most restrictive legislation we’ve been faced with to date if it passes. The voices of “many” can be a powerful tool in this process.

The NFSS Board of Directors meets quarterly(February, May, August, November) and are always available to “hear” any concerns, questions, or comments you may have or wish to have presented to the Board for discussion. Please let us knowhow we’re doing and if you have any particular topics of discussion you wish to have reviewed by the full Board of Directors.

As always, we continue to seek avian-related articles for publication in this Journal. We want our Journal to be a resource for those seeking information about caring for, feeding, housing, breeding finches.YOU are the “experts” on so many of these birds and we welcome your articles telling us about successes and failures, what worked and what didn’t. We all benefit from each and every one of these articles.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Mikel, NFSS President