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The Red Siskin is one of the world’s most endangered birds and, tragically, remains a prized target for wildlife traffickers. Trapping has eliminated this species from much of its historic range in northern South America but a few small populations persist in Venezuela, where it is culturally iconic and a well-recognized symbol for wildlife conservation. NFSS supports efforts to conserve species under threat in the wild and has been actively involved with international partners on a plan to recover the Red Siskin in Venezuela through an innovative captive breeding and reintroduction program. There is now a strong team in place to provide essential scientific support and execute the recovery strategy, including the Smithsonian Institution in the US and Parque Zoológico y Botánico Bararida, the conservation NGO Provita, and the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas in Venezuela. Also, scientists from the Smithsonian and the University of Kansas recently discovered a population of Red Siskins in Guyana, which offers a new opportunity for conservation of this bird. However, the long-term success of any conservation effort depends most critically on sustained public support. 

Please express your support for Red Siskin conservation by clicking the donation button and contributing to the recovery fund.  Contributions will fund immediate priorities: improving facilities to receive confiscated birds in Venezuela, assessing reintroduction locations, educating the public to reduce trapping pressure, establishing a research population to optimize breeding conditions, reintroduction techniques, and building a captive breeding facility specifically designed for Red Siskins at Parque Zoológico y Botánico Bararida. We will continue to provide regular updates on project activities and progress to the NFSS Journal and website.  Thank you for your support.




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Finch and Softbill Save Species Conservation Groups

Currently, the following FSS groups exist within NFSS:

NFSS FSS Amandava - Strawberry/Goldbreast group -

Species Coordinator: Sally Porter

NFSS FSS Carduelis cucullata - Red Siskin group -

Species Coordinator: Paula Hansen

NFSS FSS Coliidae - Mousebird group -

Species Coordinator: Kateri Davis  

NFSS FSS Erythrura - Parrot Finch group -

Species Coordinator: Scott Golden

NFSS FSS Pynonotus - Bulbuls group -

Species Coordinator: Sally Huntington

NFSS FSS Serinus group -  

Species Coordinator: new volunteer coordinator needed --contact Finch and Softbill Save Director, Scott Golden

NFSS FSS Uraeginthus - Blue/Purple Waxbill group -

Species Coordinator: Vonda Zwick

For information about participating in these special interest groups, please click on the link of the group, it will connect to you Yahoo where you can join the group.

If you have additional questions about a Finch or Softbill species you are working with, contact Finch and Softbill Save Director, Scott Golden


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