Pro Tem Officers currently serving must be voted in permanently within 180 days per our bylaws. NFSS places a hard copy of the election ballot in the NFSS Journal and on the NFSS webpage. Both will have candidates bio.

 All votes must be received and counted  NO LATER THAN December 30th, 2020.  Dual members will each have one (1) vote each and will be allowed to copy the ballot or vote each electronically.

Please remember your membership must be in good standing and you must be a member in region 4 as of the time of this ballot – don’t allow an interruption in your active membership to interfere with your voting for your board members – check your journal cover for your renewal date and your membership number (see mailing label on the journal cover), or
email us at: membership@nfss.org for help.

If you renewing late, please allow the Membership Director adequate time to process renewals.  You will be provided with a ballot in the journal or an option to vote electronically on-line on the NFSS website.

It will be the member’s personal responsibility to make sure their ballot is counted by December 30th.

Thank you for your participation in keeping NFSS moving forward!

Election Guidelines and Position Descriptions
Election committee contacts: electioncommittee@nfss.org

Electronic Ballot ready now Vote below!

Membership number must be provided.
Regional VP 4 covers these states: Region 4: IA, KS, MN, NE, ND, OK, SD, TX, AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT and WY