Finch Save Position (posted 5/16/2023)

Roland Cristo has been serving as our 3rd Vice-President, responsible for our NFSS Census. He has requested we begin to seek out an individual to take over the responsibilities of that position as he phases out his involvement and retires from his responsibilities.

Roland serves as 3rd Vice-President with the NFSS Board of Directors. I am requesting that any individual who may be interested in this position contact me directly at

The NFSS bylaws list the responsibilities of this position as follows:
The Finch and Softbill Save Director coordinates the activities of the NFSS Captive Breeding Program. He/she compiles and assists in publishing the yearly census as well as collecting data and maintaining. Said Officer shall be responsible for forwarding of any funds received or requested and those financial reports in a timely manner to the Treasurer.

We are seeking someone who is dedicated to the focus of this program. The ideal candidate will be computer-literate, able to attend the quarterly Board meetings, and would have the flexibility to interject creativity and enthusiasm into this program.

This person will be responsible for attending quarterly (Feb 1, May 1, Aug 1, Nov 1) Board meetings and must have a computer which allows access to those meetings. This person will also make regular posts to the NFSS Facebook group regarding the dates the Census will be open for participation, encouraging participation, composing periodic “reminders” to be included in the NFSS Journal, and coordinate activities between those working with various species of Finches, Softbills, Doves, and Quail. This position is an elected, and voting position.

The Census is a vital part of aviculture as it illuminates our dedication to working with common, rare and unusual species of birds and also verifies we are actively and responsibly working to create and maintain sustainable populations. There is a short flurry of activity each year as we “open” the Census in terms of making posts announcing to the NFSS Facebook group about it, and then a short period of activity once it’s closed as the results need to be compiled and reported.

Rebecca Mikel
NFSS President