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Red Crested

(Turaco erythrolophus)

The Red-crested Turaco (Turaco erythrolophus) is from Africa.

These pigeon sized relatives of the Cuckoo are extremely popular as avicultural subjects due to the relative ease of their captive management, the beautifully dazzling color exhibited by some of the species, and their interesting and active behavior.

They appreciate a large well planted aviary where the can spend time flying from tree to tree. In the trees, they often remain still and almost invisible until they decide to fly and the brilliant red of their underwings flashes.

These birds are primarily frugivorous, and a good diet will consist of a mixture of freshly diced fruits such as apple, banana, papaya, grapes, plus chopped greens and soaked raisins. These items are sprinkled twice weekly with a vitamin/mineral supplement. Soaked dog chow, dry mynah pellets, and game bird crumbles are also provided. The birds are also given mealworms and other insects while breeding.

Nest building for these birds is similar to that of Pigeons and Doves, in that little attention is given to placement or nest construction. Therefore, it is best to furnish the with a sturdy nesting platform or basket.