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(Selenidera culik)

The Guyana Toucanet (Selenidera culik) is an attractive member of the lowland toucanets found throughout Venezuela, Guyana, and Surinam where it is very common. Weighing little more than 140 grams, It has an overall length of ten inches with a beak approximately three inches. It is dimorphic species.

The male has a black head and breast, whereas the female, one of the prettiest of the toucanets, has a gray breast, black crown, and chestnut nape. Both have red and black beaks, red irises, blue skin around the eye, and yellow ear patches.

Aviculture: Outdoor flights should be at least 4′ x 8′ x 4′ for toucanets (Even larger flights should be used if possible!).

Toucanets may be a bit pugnacious with other species in their family and with smaller birds, and therefore should not be housed with different birds in small enclosures or cages.

Toucanets are frugivorous birds, whose primary diet is fruit. In the wild they consume fruits from as many as 100 species of plants and trees. They also consume a variety of insects for protein, especially during their nesting cycle.

They MUST be fed FRESH fruit every day! The fruit diet should also be supplemented with a low iron protein source (such as Mazuri Low Iron Softbill diet by Purina Mills).