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Indian Zosterop or White-eye

(Zosterops palpebrosa)

(Also know as Indian White-eye or Oriental White-eye)

Range: India eastwards thru SE Asia, Islands of Sumbawa & Flores

Description: 4-6″ (10-14 cm). upper body is bright green, black eye with white eye-rings, throat is yellow, belly is grey-white, bill and legs are also grey-white. Sexes are alike. Young birds are greener and duller in coloration than adults.

Indian Zosterops are ideal for those people wishing to start keeping softbills. They can be safely mixed with birds ranging in size from the smallest waxbills to Pekin Robins. Despite their appearance, they are very hardy and can be kept outside provided they have access to a frost-free shelter. They are readily tamed and will soon take mealworms from the hand of their owner.

White-eyes should be offered a very varied diet that includes pears and other soft fruits and berries, a good quality universal food, small live food and nectar.

With good care, they will build a shallow, cup-shaped nest in captivity. The normal clutch is 2-4 eggs, incubation time is 12-14 eggs. Both sexes incubate the eggs, and the young leave the nest after about 12 days.