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Rhodospingus or S.A. Crimson

(Rhodospingus cruentus)

Often refered to as the South American Crimson Finch or the Crimson Tanager, the Rhodospingus Finch (Rhodospingus cruetus) is from the tropical zone of western Ecuador to North-western Peru. It is 4½ to 5 inches and is sexually dimorphic.

Cock: Bill narrow and pointed; greyish horn; irides horn-colored; orbittal skin light buffish; head crest bright red, head, back, wings and tail are dull black; underparts are bright crimson; legs and feet grey.

Hen: Head crest is yellowish; remaining plumage varies from dark brown to olive brown; bill, legs and feet are like cock. In the birds I have seen, the female is slightly larger than the cock.

They are extremely insectivorous and should be offered a large variety of insects in addition to the normal finch fix. They also eat fruit, with mine (H. Bryant) liking apple the best.

The breeding season for these birds is reported to be very short.

Rhodospingus cruentus