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Support Aviculture, consider a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with a one time discounted payment! Enjoy ALL the benefits of the NFSS. Becoming a lifetime member ensures that the NFSS will remain a stable and vital force for bird conservation, avian education, the promotion of bird husbandry, and shows throughout the world. Only members can order the Closed Aluminum Bands

Directions Select which level of membership using the links below. Please include correct address and phone number when using your paypal account. If the membership is for a child 18 and under, they qualify for Junior Membership provide their date of birth or another individual, provide their information in a private email to We need their home phone number with area code or active email address where you would like the NFSS Journal sent. Make sure your PayPal account address is current if the membership is for you. If it is not correct, this may delay processing the journal or delivery or any orders (if different please note this in private email or any special instructions) to If your not registered with that postal service note care of (C/O) so USPS will deliver.

Membership information will not be sold or released to any 3rd party and will only be used for internal NFSS needs such as; fill your membership requests, for mailing journals, awarding show points, shipping band orders, renewal reminders, and your election ballot for officers.

Once your membership payment is received you can immediately proceed to order bands with a separate transaction.

If you’d rather join/renew your membership by mailing us your check with an application download with this link: (PDF) → here.

NFSS Membership Director, Laura Watkins Questions? Email:

Journal and NFSS Dues
New memberships and late renewals (expired memberships) received by the 15th day of any month immediately preceding a journal issue will receive four consecutive issues, beginning with the issue immediately following the month they joined. For dues received after the cutoff dates, the first issue will be the next issue later. Cutoff dates to receive the next published issue are as follows: the 15th day of December, March, June and September. If a member’s dues remain unpaid beyond the twelve month membership period, said membership shall cease. Should a member’s membership cease and be renewed at a later date, the membership shall begin at that payment date. To retain the membership number and related data, said membership must be renewed within (60) sixty days of expiration.

ON-LINE Club Affilation Forms
Club affiliation fees and Order Show Awards → here
MAIL-IN Membership and Club Affiliation:
Mail – in NFSS NEW membership application mail-in form (English PDF) → here
Mail – in Club Affiliation and Awards Packet (English PDF) → here

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USA Gift Single Member Junior (Ages 6-18 years): Buy Now $10.00

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Lifetime: (USA Single Membership): Buy Now $600.00

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