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Cross Band Registration

Cross-registering Bands with NFSS

Any finch or softbill wearing a closed traceable band issued by a recognized society other than NFSS can qualify to earn NFSS Championship points, by registering the band with NFSS. All judges and officials will recognize these as valid NFSS registered bands. To register, use the paypal option for registration available on the website and include your membership name and number, the species of finch or softbill, the name of the issuing society, the inscription on the band and a $5.00 per band fee. The $5.00 per band/bird cross-registration fee for all FINCHSAVE registered offspring wearing a closed traceable band equivalent to the NFSS band size M or larger will be waived.

The Paypal feature will issue a receipt confirming this registration and the exhibitor should carry this receipt with the bird when it is exhibited. All birds must be cross registered before the date of the show to be eligible for points. Cross-Register on line- /contact/judges-panel-chair/band-cross-registration-form/

All awards are announced the following year at the National Bird Show, during the NFSS membership meeting.

Cross registration does require a small $5.00 fee per bird. Below the registration form you can either mail in your fee or use the PayPal link provided below . If you prefer not to use Paypal system to cover the fee you can send your check payable to NFSS and mail to: NFSS Band Secretary, 2234 Juneau Court S. , Salem, Oregon 97302

If you have any questions contact our 4th VP – Judges Panel

Step 1: Registration Form Link (Please Complete)

This link will take you to a protected area.

Step 2: Registration Fee ($5.00) per Bird Link