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1st Vice President

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  • Model Aviculture Program certified.
  • Life member of the AFA.
  • Charter member of the Nat’l Avian Welfare Alliance.
  • Two term president of the NFSS.
  • Participant in the NFSS’ Finch & Softbill Save program.
  • Member of the Aviculture Society of America.
  • Past president & life member of the Finch Society of San Diego County.
  • 5 time winner of the best finch or softbill at NCBS, one time Best in Show.

Avian related articles & chapters published:
The White Eared Bulbul. AFA Watchbird – Number 1, 2002
Pekin Robins, NFSS Journal.
Meet the Companion Finch. Bird Talk magazine. June 2003
The Red Headed Finch, Just Finches and Softbills magazine, Australia. Special “FINCHES 05” edition
Passerines: Exotic Finches (chapter) in. Hand Raising Birds, Gage & Duer, DVM’s Blackwell publications, 2007

Association & participation:
Sponsor and coordinator, of the NFSS annual Afternoon of Aviculture: consisting of speaker and presentation on subjects of aviculture interest, i.e. DNA sexing, microscope in aviculture, Canadian finch and softbill aviculturists, Nutrition Expert, Zoo avian Managers, etc.

Sally Huntington
NFSS Job Titles
Region 4 Vice President
Education Director
Member Since
Lifetime membership
Job outside NFSS
Licensed psychotherapist - private practice
I keep finches: (Zebra Finches, Gouldian Finches, Society Finches, Forbes Parrot Finches, Masked Grass Finches, Redheaded Finches) & softbills: (White-Eared Bulbuls, Pekin Robins, Silver-Eared Mesia, Yhinas, Mousebirds, Brazilian Cardinals and Fruit Doves). I have a climate controlled 832 foot aviary adjacent to my home. My birds are not exposed to common outdoor predators; wild birds, mosquitoes or to Avian type flu.
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