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Membership Director

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My bird journey started when I was a child, thanks to my mom – she always seemed to have a Canary or pair of Finches in the house. After the typical childhood budgie and then a cockatiel, I acquired a pair of Green Singing Finch which raised babies in my dining room! Then came an aviary and several Aviaries, you can probably guess the rest. I’ve raised over 20 different species of Finches, Doves, Quail and Parakeets, including numerous color mutations, and even took home a ribbon or two at shows.

Along the way, I joined several bird clubs, including the NFSS and became a Panel Judge in 2013. Earlier this year, (2017) I dramatically downsized my flock, keeping only my Gouldians, an African Grey.

I am currently semi-retired in the Spokane Valley of WA. Now that I have all this free time available (ha ha!), I volunteered for Membership Director for the NFSS. My goal is happy members, so please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Enjoy your birds!

Laura Watkins
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