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My name is Amber Kincheloe. I spent my first year on the NFSS Board as your Advertising Manager. I am also the owner of Blue Ribbon Finches. I specialize in Society Finches, Zebra Finches and Java Sparrows. I also have Fife Canaries, Button Quail, a Cockatiel and an African Ringneck. As far as my non-avian friends go we have three dogs, a cat, one fish tank and a Ball Python. I have a wonderful husband named David that puts up with all of my pets and two daughters. My step-daughter Anah is currently living in California with her biological mother and she is 15 years old. My daughter Alizay lives here with David and I. She is also 15 and is very active in the high school band, point ballet classes, ballroom classes and she also shares my interests in the bird hobby. Alizay is a Junior Member of the NFSS and is currently awaiting the hatching of her first clutch of Society Finches. I am so happy to be working for the betterment of the NFSS!

Amber Kincheloe
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Executive Secretary
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Stay at home mom
Society Finches, Zebra Finches (NG & Eumo), Java Sparrows, Canaries, Button Quail & 1 Cockatiel.
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