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Volunteers Needed

For more information or to volunteer, send questions and/or resumés to 2nd VP in charge of publications (Journal & forums) at

We are looking for member & non-member submissions of articles, photos, or even re-print suggestions. Anything pertaining to keeping finches & softbills is pertinent information we could include in our next Journal issue.

Want to see your name in the next copy of the NFSS Journal?

  • Have you written an article in the past for the NFSS or your own personal use?
  • Ever been to a bird-related event and would like to recount your experience?
  • Have you purchased an item or book and would like to write a review?
  • Got some advice for other hobbyists and breeders of a certain species?
  • Have you purchased a new flock member and would like to tell us your story?
  • Ever written a blog post for your website/social media or someone else’s?

Send your submissions or suggestions to