Red Siskin Initiative – Update #3

Red Siskin Initiative – Update #3

An update from the group behind the Red Siskin Initiative:

2015 has been a busy year in all facets of the Red Siskin Initiative. We are pleased to provide this update summarizing significant progress. The South Rupununi Conservation Society continues to dedicate countless volunteer hours to Siskin field research, education and capacity building in south Guyana. Smithsonian and US partners are focused on project coordination, molecular research, captive breeding and fundraising. Special credit is due to our dedicated team in Venezuela who continue their remarkable progress despite turbulent times at home. Their persistence reminds us that a committed, well-organized team can prevail despite complex challenges! Last but not least, we appreciate the important contributions made in all project areas by the many new team members, advisors and supporters; thank you!

DSC04534Going forward, we have elected to change the project name to Red Siskin Initiative. This new name translates easily between English and Spanish and better expresses our hope that saving this emblematic species will inspire more urgently needed conservation across this richly biodiverse region.

-Brian Coyle, Mike Braun & Kate Rodriguez-Clark

Read the full update and newsletter from the RSI here: 2015 Spring Red Siskin Initiative Update Final

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