Red-faced Crimson-wing
(Cryptospiza reichenovii)

Sometimes called Mountain Finches, the 4½” Red-faced Crimson-wing (Cryptospiza reichenovii) is a rare cousin of the African Twinspots. They are easily sexed as the male has a deep scarlet face and the female’s face is buff. This species becomes fat very easily so they are best housed in spacious aviaries.

Males: The back, rump, wing coverts, flanks, lores, and areas around the eyes are red, the throat is greenish, and the rest of the body is a grayish green. The eyes are a dark brown with a red eye-ring. The beak is black and the legs and feet are a brownish black.

Females: Similar to the male except less intense, has a yellow eye-ring. Juveniles are brownish green and the red on the back is missing.

Crimson-wings build a nest out of grass, moss and fibers, usually in a low, dense bush. A normal clutch consists of three to four white eggs which are incubated for 12-13 days. Both parents incubate and feed their young which leave the nest after 20-21 days.

In addition to a standard seed mix this species should receive lots of spray millet, egg food and a large variety of insects (mealworms, white worms, crickets, spiders etc), especially during the breeding season.

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