Susan Stieve – Regional VP 3

Region 3 VP
Susan Stieve – Regional VP 3

Regional VP 3 covers these states: Region 3: AR, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MO, OH, WI, TN, Australia, Bermuda, England

  • I have been an NFSS member since 2011, I joined the NFSS Board of Directors in 2014
  • I enjoy raising and exhibiting finches and specialize in Austrailian species and Societies
  • I have been an NFSS Champion Exhibitor in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and earned the NFSS Exhibitor of Excellence award in 2014
  • I also raise and exhibit many species of hookbills including lineolated parakeets, conures, cockatiels, and lovebirds
  • I am on the Board of Directors for the National Cockatiel Society and am the show points registrar for the North American Parrot Society.  I have met so many good friends and learned so much about birds and aviculture through exhibition that I am happy to contribute back to the hobby whenever possible!
  • I have a full time job as curator at the Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center at The Ohio State University where I work to conserve wildflower species



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