Paula Hansen

Leg Band Secretary
Paula Hansen

(aka Hacker) Personal Information: A native New Yorker. My best quality I think I have is honesty. Married for 49 yrs. to husband Henry. He bought a canary for Valentine’s Day in 1990. A yr. later an aviary was built, I joined a bird club.

My History in Aviculture: 1991-Starting with the basics Florida Fancy Zebra and Pied Society finches and moving over to Red factor and Gloster Canary. 1994- Interests turned to breeding Shaftails, Button & Coturnix Quail. The local elementary school would have field trips to my house to see the birds. 1996- I shifted to BH/RH Gouldian, Cordon Bleu and Gold-breasted waxbills and applied for AFA’s Red Siskin Project. I also was Oregon’s AFA Representative and Regional Director. Presently, I’m focused on Finch Save and helping a few folks gets established with the Red Siskin. I do support aviculture through avian research with the Smithsonian Research Institute for the past several yrs, to  present. I continue to manage a diverse gene pool of the red siskin and now involved more.  That information, see issue of the NFSS Journal Sept/October 2014. I attended a summit meeting in July 2014 in at Royal Front. That was pretty exciting! I continue to assist and be involved in Red Siskins, Smithsonian Research/Conservation groups. My main focus now is breeding Red Siskins and Gouldians, mentoring.

Administrative experience: I’ve served as club president of the Finch Connection Bird Club for 9 years. I worked for the State of Oregon for 25+ years as a Publishing Design Specialist 3, and am currently semi-retired and work for Blue Buffalo.

I continue be a member of 2 bird clubs and volunteer as show secretary and steward. Also currently on the NFSS Board of Directors for 18 yrs. I am your NFSS Band Secretary and Webmaster for NFSS which are the best offices to hold.

Always open to listen to our members recommendations or suggestions.


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