NFSS Position Descriptions

NFSS Position Descriptions

NFSS Bylaws specify an election will be held every two years to elect the officers of the Society. All elected and appointed offices are open to current members. Serving on the NFSS Board of Directors is an honor, a responsibility and a commitment of time in addition to the responsibilities of your office.

Board meetings are held four times yearly. Three are held online and the 4th quarter Board meeting will be conducted prior to the annual membership meeting held at the NCBS (it may be necessary to conclude the 4th quarter meeting online). Internet accessibility on a daily basis is necessary.

Elected officers should vote during the official meetings. Board members present annual budgets for consideration and are required to submit a detailed account of their expenditures and income to the treasurer on a monthly basis. In addition, officers must submit quarterly reports to the Board of Directors.

Knowledge of the NFSS Bylaws is essential and a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order is helpful. The board member’s duty is to lead the organization in its mission and to keep it financially and legally viable. It is important that each candidate understand the responsibilities of the office.

Every person who intends to become a candidate for any office will be required to submit a bio/resumé to the chairman of the nominating committee stating their background and experience.

Time required: Four quarterly Board meetings are conducted, each lasting approximately a month, require a minimum of one hour daily to monitor and respond to posts.  Time is also required to perform the duties of the office.

Preside over all  meetings; attend to the day-to-day operations of the Society; be available to members of the Board, and also monitor NFSS Forums.

1st VICE PRESIDENT (Regional Vice Presidents, Education)
Work closely with the President. First in succession to fill the position of President in absentia or if the President is unable to fill his/her term; will coordinate activities and be responsible for Regional Vice Presidents, and approve checks made payable to the President.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT (Publications)
Second in succession to fill the position of President. Responsible for all NFSS publications; supervises NFSS WebMaster and Journal Editor. Available to the Editor and Advertising Manager for guidance in securing articles and ads;  assists in obtaining competitive printing prices.

3rd VICE PRESIDENT (FSS and Census)
Oversee day-to-day operations of the National Finch/Softbill Save (FSS) program; work closely with FSS Committee, Group Managers, and Species Captains to develop species profiles; collect data, maintain records; coordinate activities of NFSS Captive Breeding Program; compile and publish a yearly census.

4th VICE PRESIDENT (Judges Panel/Standards/Research)
Must be be NFSS Panel Judge, serves as Judges Panel Director, chairs the Research and Standards Committee, and in charge of Species Classifications. Maintains records/points earned by members and birds from NFSS shows. Represents the NFSS as liaison with the National Cage Bird Show Board.

Responsible for encouraging membership and club affiliation in the Society within the region he/she resides. Responsible to the First Vice President and  serves  as part of the Education Committee. Encouraged to attend the Regional Show in their region, and hold at least one membership meeting annually within their region. They should always be a visible NFSS representative.

Must have business experience and accounting skills. Deposits/transfers funds electronically into and from various accounts will maintain up-to-date records, request budgets from all departments, and prepare annual budget for NFSS. Also receives/deposits/documents weekly payments to the proper account and provides the President with a weekly report. Requests  approval for expenditures prior to payment. Prepare and submit to the Board at the 4th Quarter Board meeting a budget to be approved by the Board. Responsible for establishing and maintaining NFSS financial accounts and filing tax returns.  An audit of the prior years financial records shall be performed by 2 BOD members not to include the current Treasurer each year and at any time the Treasurer is relieved of responsibilities.

Must have good verbal and written communication skills, experience with using word-processing software and the internet. Takes minutes during all Board meetings, compile the minutes, and submit to the Board for approval. Maintains  an archive of all minutes and the Society’s official documents, and assist other Board members with correspondence as necessary.

Responsible for receipt of and processing of new/renewal memberships. Maintains current membership rolls, making them available to Department Managers.. Documents checks and sends to treasurer, sends membership materials to new/renewal members, Must be familiar with Excel and able to monitor his/her computer on a daily basis.

Responsible for ordering and issuing NFSS bands, verifying membership satus for purchases. Submits monthly itemized expense/income report to the Treasurer. Requires computer knowledge, Excel, converting files to PDF, internet, and basic accounting skills. Negotiates purchases with band suppliers, working with foreign currency and verifying incoming merchandise.

Responsible for club affiliations, selection of clubs hosting Regional Shows, and processing award orders. Submits monthly financial report along with any funds received  to the Treasurer. Sends re-affiliation packets to clubs and when returned, enters all necessary information into a database. Forwards  information to appropriate Department Managers. Information must be sent to the Membership Director for inclusion in the membership database. Also processes  awards orders and maintains award inventory adequate for show season.

The following officers are appointed via recommendation by the NFSS President & a majority vote of the BOD.

Basic grammar, spelling, computer, Excel, and publishing programs necessary, as well as knowledge of file types and how to utilize or convert them for use in the Journal. Handles all activities related to production of the quarterly NFSS Journal, including procuring articles and photographs, maintain communication with all NFSS Board members, ensure accuracy of NFSS information and forms in each issue, creates/edits each NFSS Journal issue, delivers to printer in timely manner, and approves payment  Also supervises Advertising/Promotions Manager.  Responsible to 2nd Vice President and President.

Solicits ads for the Journal and coordinate with the Editor and Website Manager for placement of ads in the Journal and on the Website. Maintains electronic files  with up-to-date records; handles all invoicing and record-keeping for all advertisers. Cooperates with Regional Vice Presidents in promotion of Regional Shows.  Responsible to NFSS Editor and Second Vice President.

Must be completely knowledgeable with all operating systems, software, hardware, and any other programs required to create, set-up, maintain and update (as needed) the NFSS Website. Reports to the 2nd Vice President.

Acts as moderator of the NFSS Listserv, determines eligibility and approves subscribers in conjunction with the Membership Director. Writes and distributes list rules and enforces a civil forum through thoughtful correspondence Responsible to President.

Responsible for interrelationships between NFSS and other national and local avicultural organizations, investigates and reports to NFSS Board & membership current or proposed legislation affecting bird owners/breeders.  Reports to President.

Responsible for keeping the NFSS membership informed as to activities of the AFA . Reports to President