June Virtual Show 2021

June Virtual Show 2021

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All correspondence for the show should be directed to NFSSshow@aol.com
All submitted photos should go to entries@nfss.org 
    • lease read these rules carefully as some have changed.

      All correspondence for the show should be directed to entries@NFSS.org.

      1. You must be a current NFSS member.
      2. Birds will not be judged for official NFSS points.
      3. You may enter up to 10 photos at once or piecemeal.
      4. You must email each entry separately, with no several photos in one email.
      5. The entry must be a bird you presently own.
      6. We will not accept hybrid birds.
      7. Birds may be entered in a show box, cage, or photo box, keeping in mind that you don’t want key parts of the bird obscured.
      8. The bird may also be photographed loose in an aviary. Just make sure the bird takes up 1/3 of the photo frame. Use a telephoto lens if necessary or crop if appropriate.
      9. Judging will be by a scoring system based on conformation (50), condition(20), color and markings (20), and presentation and photo quality (10) for a total score of 100.
      10. Birds may not be judged or shown in the order received.
      11. These are the categories for birds (divisions) Zebra Finches, Gouldians, Societies, other finches, pairs, and softbills. The top 5 in each division will be displayed at the end of the judging. The awarded score will decide the top 10. In that case of several birds having the same score, Judge Parlee will make the placements.
      12. Understand that if a bird is in the top 5 of a division, it may not be in the Top 10; scores decide what birds are in the Top 10.
      13. Bird entries must be mailed to ENTRIES@NFSS.ORG with the species name and mutation, owner name, and membership number.
      14. All top 10 entries will receive awards.
      15. All entries must be received before the judging starts, just like in a live show. Entries will be accepted from May 1 until the 31st.
      16. Two judges will judge all birds until we get to the top 10 judgings; that judging will be completed by retired Judge William Parlee but will be determined by the average of the two judges scoring.
      17. No judge will know the owner of any bird in the show. entries@NFSS.org will receive the entries and assign each photo a cage number. The cage number is the only id any judge will see.
      18. A separate judge will judge each division. Zebra finches, Nizam Ali, Society finches, Gary Morgan, Gouldian finches, Ken Rampersaud, Other finches Bob Peers, and Armando Lee, Softbills. They will first be judged by comparison and then scored. They will then be returned to Parlee and be judged again in the same manner. The scores will then be averaged. Again no judge will know the identity of any bird’s owner until the top 5 in each section and the top 10 bench is presented on Facebook.
      19. No Facebook posts will be made until all the birds have been judged. The online presentation will show all birds entered and take approximately two weeks of daily posts according to how many birds were entered.
      20. Entries@NFSS.org will be manned by Paula Hansen, who will be the only one to know owners’ names, much like a live show secretary. She will be responsible for all show records.
      21. Just line in a live show, you may enter a bird that you have entered before; however, it must be a new photo of the bird.
      22. The entries that you email will be the ones judged. Please do not ask the show secretary what birds to enter or ask her to select the best ones.

      If you have questions, you may email NFSSshow@aol.com. This address must not be used for show entries.
      Photo hints:
      Try to give the judge a side view or as close as you can get to it. Understand a bird looking at the judge does not allow the judge to see the bird’s conformation, and therefore will not score well. Also, a bird clinging to cage bars will present the same problem.
      Make sure the entire bird is in the photo, with no missing feet or tail.
      Pick a background that accentuates the bird, i.e., no white birds with white backgrounds. Be sure the lighting allows the judge to see all of the bird clearly.
      Bird photography is not an easy task; you may take many photos to get a good one. Keep in mind that blurry or out-of-focus photos will not do well as the judge will not adequately be able to judge the bird.
      Most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to take your photos; the chances of getting a good one will be greatly reduced.
Good luck!