Biosecurity for Birds: A Social Media Toolkit

This was sent to me by one of our members and may be of interest to some of you particularly those who house birds outside.
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As you have probably been reading, since mid-December 2014, there have been several ongoing highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 incidents along the Pacific, Central and Mississippi Flyways.  Cases in wild birds, captive wild birds, backyard poultry or commercial poultry have been reported in Arkansas, California, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  These states cover three of the 4 North American Flyways and we expect many more detections as the Spring migration is under way. 
We know the best way to control the spread of this disease starts with poultry owners, hunters and bird enthusiasts — and now we’re asking for your help. 
To help you navigate important information related to these events, we are announcing a new USDA Avian Influenza page with aggregated resources to keep you up-to-date on announcements, resources and guidance you need to keep your flock safe.
We also recently held an interagency “ask the expert” Twitter chat focusing on good biosecurity practices for backyard poultry flocks and commercial poultry producers. We’ve posted the full Q&A on our Storify. We hope you can find some of your questions answered there.
Please help us reach out to your own communities with crucial steps to keep flocks safe from disease. We have prepared a digital toolkit to get you started, including a badge to post on your website that will link visitors back to  We’ve also provided ready-to-go materials for your social media channels to help you get the word out to the people who need it most.
We thank you in advance for your assistance. We know with your help, we can give people the tools they need to stop this disease in its tracks.
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Dr. Clifford Video on Avian Influenza

USDA Chief Veterinary Officer on H5N2 Avian Influenza

Federal, state & local are coordinating closely on surveillance, reporting & control. More about what’s going on →
Stay up-to-date with this chart of current highly pathogenic avian influenza findings (link periodically updated information from USDA → 
Look, protect, report. Learn how to protect your birds from diseases like avian influenza →
No risk to food supply with current avian influenza findings. For proper food safety, *always* cook poultry to 165F →
Current risk to humans from avian influenza is low, says @CDCgov. Learn the facts →
Have Qs about #birdflu? Our experts took to Twitter to ensure poultry owners have the right info. The full Q&A →
#Birdflu is a reminder to protect your birds with good biosecurity. 6 tips to keep your flock safe:
A healthy flock begins with *you.* Take simple steps to keep your healthy & safe from avian influenza:
Don’t wait to report. If you see symptoms, call USDA toll free at 1-866-536-7593 or contact your state veterinarian [Know the signs graphic]
6 simple steps to keep your birds safe: Questions about APHIS programs and services?
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